Saturday, 13 October 2012

virus free your computer (TIPS)

Is your computer contaminated with virus? Do you time and again get mysterious mistake messages? Well this is a general crisis face by more or less all the computer user across the world. There are a lot of viruses and worms absent there that could dirty your computer. A few are risk-free, but, they do have the ability to do any digit of vicious stuff, up to and including, erase all data from your computer. How ever there are ways to keep virus away from your computer. Here are the 10 tips to preserve a virus free computer.
1. Email is one of the frequent ways by which your computer can hold a virus. So it is for all time optional to stay absent from SPAM. Open just those emails that have its source from a trusted source such as those which comes from your get in touch with list. If you are using your possess personal email host (other than g-mail, yahoo, hotmail etc.) then it is extremely recommended that you use a good anti-spam software. And finally NEVER click on any links in the emails that comes from entrusted source.
2. USB thumb/pen drives are one more ordinary way by which viruses spread quickly. So it is for all time a high-quality habit to perform a virus scan before copying any data onto your computer. NEVER double-click the pen drive to open it. Instead right-click on it and select the option “open”. This is a protected way to open a pen drive or any removal disk.
3. be cautious about using MS viewpoint. Outlook is more susceptible to worms than extra e-mail programs, except you have professional Anti-Virus programs running. Use Pegasus or Thunderbird (by Mozilla), or a web-based program such as Hotmail or Yahoo (In Firefox).
4. As we all recognize, Internet is the major source of all the hateful programs counting viruses, worms, Trojans etc. In fact Internet contribute to virus disease by up to 80%. So here are the tips for safe surfing habits so that you can ward off virus infection up to the maximum extent.
  • Don’t click on pop-up windows that proclaim an unexpected tragedy in your metropolis or proclaim that you’ve won an hourly award. They are the ways to mislead Internet users and you should never trust them.
  • You can also use a pop-up blocker to mechanically block those pop-ups.
5. Mainly of us use search engines like Google to find what we are looking for. It is rather obvious for a hateful website to get listed in the search fallout. So to keep away from visiting those untrusted malicious websites, you can download and install the AVG LinkScanner which is a freeware. This tool can become very handy and will help you to stay away from mean websites.
6. Install good antivirus software and keep it updated. As well perform full system scan periodically. It is highly recommended that you turn on the automatic update feature. This is the most necessary task to protect your computer from virtues. If computer safety is your first option then it is recommended that you go for shareware antivirus software in excess of the free ones. Most of the antivirus supports the Auto-Protect feature that provides real-time security for your computer. Create sure that this feature is turned on.
7. Install a good Antispyware program that operates next to Internet malaria and spy ware.
8. Not at all open any email attachments that come from untreated sources. If it is a picture, text or sound file (these attachments end in the extensions .txt, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .mp3, .htm, .HTML, and .avi), you are probably safe, but still do a scan before hole.
9. Do not use disk that extra people give you, even from work. The disk could be infected with a virus. Of course, you can run a virus scan on it first to check it out.
10. System your Windows update to mechanically download patches and upgrade. This will allocate your CPU to automatically download any updates to both the in use system and Internet Explorer. These updates fix security holes in both pieces of software.

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